Distance learning

Options available

At Twister, we understand not all agility lovers can make it each week to Edmond for training sessions. In our distance learning options, we're giving everyone the opportunity to have great instruction no matter where they live.

ONLINE LEARNING- Nancy will send you videos of skills she teaches in her agility classes and will assign you homework. You will have the opportunity to practice those skills, ask Nancy questions, and submit video of your homework sessions for analysis, feedback and further instruction.

ONLINE LEARNING HYBIRD- You schedule a private lesson with Nancy at Twister. In this lesson Nancy will work with you and your dog on your particular lesson plan, answer any questions, and assign you homework. After leaving Twister, you practice your homework and submit video for analysis and feedback.

VIDEO ANALYSIS- Do you have questions about a certain area of a course you ran? Are you having trouble with your footwork for a particular handling move? Are you having trouble with your running dogwalk? Many times a second pair of eyes can give insight into why something small is causing you so much trouble. In video analysis, you submit a short video of your problem and Nancy will analyze and give you feedback on how to improve your performance.

SEMINARS- With 20 years of experience, Nancy loves helping both experienced and non-experienced handlers connect with their dogs. Whether it's foundations or master handling, Nancy loves to teach skills that help build a better relationship between dog and handler

Class/Lesson Fees